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Grandmothers and grandfathers…Children...Mothers and fathers…

How quickly these loved ones travel through our lives. But how faded our memories become over the years.

What would it be worth for you to hear the sound of your beloved grandmother's voice and watch her as she tells you about her childhood or your grandfather, remembering the days of his youth?

How valuable would it be to have the chance to share your philosophies of life and give advice to your children and grandchildren long after you're gone?

Those opportunities would be priceless, right?

We don't have to lose these memories.

We are the first generation in history to have the chance, via video, to capture the personalities of those we Love.

We are ready to share our 20-plus years of experience producing Life History Videos to help you create and archive treasured memories of your loved ones in our new ebook, “How To Create Life History Videos”.

First Car Story - Ralph & Pheobe
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One of the most important assets you will acquire in your lifetime are the lessons you have learned and the fantastic adventures that make up you most vivid memories.

To share these memories and allow them to enrich other family members gives the word "family" new meaning. What if most of your "natural" teachers and role models were members of your own family, even if they were a generation or two removed?

We can literally talk to people beyond our lifetime.

What an incredible way to share your spiritual beliefs and love for your children, and they can share this priceless wisdom with their children.

How much could this shared knowledge benefit and guide our families over time and generations?

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They told stories we never knew! It happened several times during the video ... We're so glad those stories are saved!" Cindy M.

A Big Leap From Photography - Life History Videos

Since the Civil War era and before, photography has been the default method of preserving the memories of those we Love. And while photographs are, and always will be an important part of our memories, pictures convey only a hint of the personality of a person.

Life History Videos are a quantum leap from the technology of photography.

Unlike any time before, we are the first generation with the ability to preserve not only the smile, but also the laugh. Not only a look, but the thinking and feelings it represents.

On Her Parents - Mary Lynn
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There will be lots of home movie footage of birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, but how often do we sit down in front of a camera and talk about what made us who we are? What we'd like to pass along? What we feel and believe? Sadly, this rarely happens.

“When I saw my own video I cried. I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but I did. It was very moving.” Deb H.

Better Than A Biography?

We think the ultimate way to convey these stories is to have them told by the person who lived them. With a biography, you'll miss all those wonderful personality traits that are as important as the stories themselves.

Better Than An Audio Recording?

Certainly you can use an audio recorder. In fact our interview could be used to create an audio recording, but so much can be missed. We have found that in virtually all cases, if given the choice, people choose video over audio for their Life History memories.

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Better Than Writing An Autobiography?

Some of us have asked our loved ones to write their stories out. This can take a long time and many never finish the task. A professional can help write these stories, but their mannerisms and vocal identity will be forgotten.

We're going to help you get these stories in one afternoon with your own video camera.

We're going to show you how to do it right the first time with the camera you already own. If you don't own a camera…no problem! We've got you covered too.

Childhood Memories - Jerry & Bev
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You will be taken step by step all the way from deciding who will be your first subject through archiving these family treasures.

In fact the entire interview progression has been psychologically designed to relax the subject, stimulate memories and to achieve the optimum frame of mind.

By following our time-tested interview, you'll be relaxed and confident throughout the process. And because you'll be organized and thorough, your subjects will find this fun, easy and interesting as they talk about the remarkable moments of their life.

Order now and receive 12 Important Bonus Forms, ready to be printed and used as you get ready for your first interview. This additional information is crucial in preparing your subject to give you their best stories during the interview.

These forms include the all-important Life History Video Interview, answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions and more.

Whatever your level of expertise, we'll make sure you know what to do and when.

Also included are 4 Bonus Chapters to help beginning videographers get up to speed quickly. We cover the equipment you need, shooting basics, lighting and more.

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“ I know of nothing else… no photo albums or family videos that put it together like Life History Videos.” Tim K.

For those of you able to include pictures and music in your videos, we will tell you how to take your Life History Videos to the next level.

Share your stories again and again

How many people in your life would love to have a Life History Video of your loved ones? You'll be proud to present this priceless gift, and your family will be forever grateful for the memories they will treasure forever.

Time passes much too quickly. Don't wait until it's too late.

What you do now will be appreciated for generations to come.

How Things Have Changed - Lynn & Cindy
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A Timeless Family Keepsake

We didn't realize when we began doing Life History Interviews, how the time spent listening to these stories would change our lives. Be sure to check more of our video samples of Life History Videos.

Do this for yourself, your family and your children; it's an incredible gift to give them. In the end, there are no good excuses for missing this chance to preserve your family heritage.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. It's easy to get started right now.

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